The Emerging Writers’ Festival work, learn and play largely on the land of the Kulin nation, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

EWF celebrates the history and creativity of the world’s oldest living culture.

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Playlist: Love

What does your love sound like? Six writers dedicate silly little love songs to the people and objects of their affections. In these accompanying vignettes, they share stories of when music has made them lovesick, lovey-dovey or lovestruck.

With Jessica Ibacache, Em König, Scott Limbrick, Adalya Nash Hussein, Vince Ruston and Anita Solak

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Read the artists’ musical musings:

‘Feel your feels, girl’ by Jessica Ibacache

‘cum get your honey’ by Em König

‘an open highway on your back’ by Scott Limbrick

‘Are You Wearing Headphones When You Shouldn’t Be?’ by Adalya Nash Hussein

‘Year of the Cat’ by Vince Ruston

‘I’m sorry’ by Anita Solak